B2G2, a brain dump about Firefox OS and Geeksphone's Peak

SMS Forwarder

Cell phones core purpose is to always stay in your pocket isn't it? At least, it seems to be the case for the vast majority of users who always carry with them their beloved gizmo in every situation.

This constant promiscuity never worked for me. Some people are scared about electrical radiations burning their balls. I'm more afraid about losing grip onto the essential events. To only feel the world through a tiny screen. I already spend way too much time in front of a computer, no need to pollute the rest of my existence.

But as a developer, I'm in the paradoxical mood to be fascinated by this mean of communication and how it radically reshaped our western civilization but to be reluctant to embrace it. For a decade I had a 1 hour per month deal with my carrier and rarely managed to completely consume it.

Maybe I felt unsatisfied of the way things could be interconnected and all this wasted potential. My biggest concern has always been SMS. I can receive email alerts with an embedded sound file (now in MP3 but used to be Real Audio not so long ago) for each voice mail message but the same can't be done with simple SMS? What the heck? And what if I want to use my paid credit to send SMS from my cozy computer keyboard?

Usually SMS I receive often decay for a while before I discover them, simply because I'm focused on working on something and the phone is muted, buried in a drawer or shaking aimlessly in another room.

Now, with Firefox OS I feel like I have the opportunity to tackle this pragmatic problem starting from these simple assumptions :

So, dear Peaky, what about acting as a simple gateway to warn my email inbox whenever a friend bip me with a texto?

I think this project will be a very nice starting point to dig deeper in the new Web APIs. Here's roughly what I intend to discover and talk about in a further series of posts :

See you along the ride in the creating process of this experimental SMS Forwarder application.