B2G2, a brain dump about Firefox OS and Geeksphone's Peak

Let's get cracking!

It's been a few days days since I started playing around with the initial Firefox OS release on the Peak. Enjoyable experience so far. Even doubtful friends on Android or IOS have to admit that there's definitely something appealing about this new OS.

But as with any new product, the discovery period is also a time of criticism and despair. Of course, I'm well aware that it's only a developer preview not even officially released yet.

So my attitude won't be to blindly rage about the phone and be a negative fool. I believe the right move is to try to help the Mozilla crew and all their partners involved in this adventure the best I can to build the best ever mobile platform.

They are many ways to contribute back to the open source community. Unfortunately I don't know enough of the internals yet to start patching the code right away. Also, I lack the understanding on the organizational level, on how to do it properly in the all Bugzilla -> Github workflow. This blog is the perfect opportunity to keep track of my journey in this involvement, so others interested in the same philosophy may learn from it.

For now I'll only detail observations about the system itself, putting aside the ones about the device. In fact the real focus will be on Gaia at first.

I decided to separate them into two comprehensive lists :

Their names are pretty much self explanatory, but here's what I intend to do with them. These lists are supposed to evolve over time. For each of their entry, I'll try to find any relevant associated Bugzilla report or create one if does not exist yet. When a bug is resolved or a feature implemented, I'll indicate it. So it can be considered as some kind of living changelog.

Keep in mind that they are only motivated by my personal findings and are not exhaustive in any way nor reflect any global consensus or sense of priority over which problems need to be tackled.