B2G2, a brain dump about Firefox OS and Geeksphone's Peak


Awesome! The Peak phone ordered last week has just found its way from Spain to my humble laboratory in France. Thanks Geeksphone's team!

No time for fancy and video documented unboxing, let's discover the white beast.

After some time testing the Firefox OS Simulator, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. But I was amazed to discover the same kind of smoothness in the overall experience. The Contacts list scrolling without annoying artifacts, the transition between panel on the Homescreen fast. Great news!

Unfortunately a sad reality was just around the corner. In order to use certains apps involving medias, like the Camera or the Music Player a Micro SD card is mandatory. Assets cannot be stored in the 4GB of internal memory (yet).

I was aware of this but the important point that I missed was that the Peak is unable to handle capacities over 32GB (as confirmed by a Geeksphone staff member). I should have known this crucial detail before buying a 64 GB.