B2G2, a brain dump about Firefox OS and Geeksphone's Peak

How to activate the USB mass storage?

Ok, so the brand new 32GB SD Card is finally plugged and Peaky let me access the camera without warning. I guess it's time to try the music app by playing some cool tunes from Soft Moon.

The almighty USB cord is finally connected. On each side the machines are ready to start chatting unintelligible bits and transfer good songs.

But I'm desperately waiting for a new device to mount in Nautilus sidebar in vain. What's missing to establish the link?

An interesting post was just published on Mozilla Hacks blog about pushing apps directly from the simulator. The answer should be there...

Well after an hour fiddling with the udev config, trying different versions of adb, my fingers finally lose their way into the settings page of the telephone. The media storage entry is clickable!

Behind this hidden fortress lies a summary of the disk page usage by type of content (Music, Pictures and Movies). Everything is empty obviously, but miracle the toggle to activate the USB Mass storage is just there!

Headphones on, let's put the volume loud to celebrate this first painful communication between Peak and Mint.