B2G2, a brain dump about Firefox OS and Geeksphone's Peak


Usually, the main Mozilla's repositories are self hosted on their Mercurial platform. For the Boot2Gecko project it appears that the team of developers involved decided to leverage another approach and push their code right onto Github.

I will need to investigate the historical reasons behind this tactical move but I believe this will have a positive impact on the way occasional hackers may contribute. This forge is hugely popular among JS aficionados and it could be one key to success.

The pull request reviews are made directly as inline comments in Github commits view which is quite handy to discuss patches. But another part of the work-flow still has its roots deep in the Mozilla ecosystem and relies on the good old Bugzilla instead of Github's issues section.

As I was digging into the list of code merges, to get a first global idea of what was going on in Gaia's world, I found myself to continuously have to switch between the two websites to fully grab the bug description and its code-fix as a whole unit.

Fortunately the scheme used for naming issues is quite consistent : each title starts by the corresponding bugId. Perfect condition to apply some GreaseMonkey magic to create the bridge!

So I wrote a little userscript which purpose is to create automatic links from Github to Bugzilla. It works on the busy notifications page, the never ending issues list and issue pages themselves. Here a few screenshots to illustrate the new blue anchors :

on notification page on bug page

It's only triggered on the Gaia repo for now. Enjoy.