B2G2, a brain dump about Firefox OS and Geeksphone's Peak

Disco Drive in 5th Gear

Lots of effort are made at the moment to polish the Firefox OS experience. Prime time is approaching and I'm still amazed by how deep every details are scrutinized.

I stumbled upon this commit today and I couldn't help myself but smile : Bug 872848 - [Settings] 'Disco Drive' ringtone sound is lower than other sounds.

My first reaction was, "Ok, let's hear this new quiet Kavinsky-like tune". The task was pretty easy on my Peak. Go to the Settings > Sound menu, invite my friends and boom, throw a improvised party in the living room.

The next logical step was to act like a real DJ escaped from the 80's, and setting the dance floor on fire. To do so, the speakers on the phone were unfortunately not appropriate and I was needed to play it loud, through the sound system of my PC.

And here came a surprise. Or to be more precise another slap in my face in regards of my obvious lack of knowledge about what's under the hood. No mp3 files are to be found in the /shared/resources/media/ringtones folder for legal / patent reason. But the ogg vorbis format is also not in majority. Looks like the opus codec is the real winner here. It was standardized by the IETF last September and has already gained the favor of FxOS.

Alas! My Nightly (24) on Linux Mint Maya has decided to remain mute and even the examples sounds provided on the Opus website are blank. The audio tag correctly displays the buttons and the bar is loading but no output is to be heard. The same files are running well in Totem Browser Plugin but not in Totem launched as a stand alone.

Another mystery of science that I must resolve. Exciting times to come, for Disco Drivers. Until then, let's forget Super Junior and focus on self titled punk music