B2G2, a brain dump about Firefox OS and Geeksphone's Peak

Broken Bluetooth

Pictures sent by friends through MMS are piling up in my Samsung Player One saturated memory. You know, the usual stuffs : smiling people, drunk people or smiling drunk people. But the matching transfer cable is lost somewhere and since it's a fraking non mini or micro USB socket all those glorious slices of life are trapped into a machine whose probabilities to crash are increasing day after day.

My main computer doesn't have any Bluetooth capabilities so I was counting on Peak to act as a gateway to handle this backup plan.

The two phones were ready, side by side, distant by only a few millimeter to preserve their intimacy. But like two embarrassed teenagers not a single word was exchanged during this failed attempt. The Samsung rewarded me with a "No Bluetooth devices found. Try again?" and his buddy was even less talkative. Peaky remained stuck in the settings menu, the radio buttons activated and then disabled with no error message and an apparent infinite scanning.

The associated Gaia app has not been significantly improved since the initial build, so I'll need to dig into the issues list to find relevant informations about this connectivity problem. I'll keep this post updated with further experiences on the wireless abilities of Firefox OS and the involved APIs.